A Little History ..

In 1958 an Italian migrant family began supplying the local Italian community with their traditional ice cream desserts such as Baci, Cassata and Tartufo, their Gelato and also a selection of pasta and thus, Everest Ice Cream Australia was created.

Australia has since become a fusion of the world's most popular cuisines and Everest has expanded its product ranges to suit each part of the Australian life style.

With our manufacturing facility based in Melbourne, Victoria, and offices in each state, we offer nationwide distribution and storage.

Everest Ice Cream Australia manufactures three brands of ice cream to suit various markets. Its NorgenVaaz brand is a premium and gourmet ice cream and Everest is the traditional gelato brand. The third, and most recent brand, is Gelateria which is a gourmet, batch made gelato using imported Italian ingredients. These are all aimed at the “scoop & cone” retail market. Everest also provides sorbets and yoghurts for the Juice Bar market.

In addition Everest Ice Cream Australia make ice cream in Australia under contract for some of the most well known global brands.

The company frames and promotes its brands in the following market categories:

1. Food Service (hotels, restaurants, ice creameries, airlines, institutions)
Ice Cream, Gelati & Sorbet – all flavours in 5 litre and many are also in 11 litre sizes & portion controlled ice cream desserts. Both premium price & economy price products are available.
100ml dixie cups available in several varieties, suitable for airlines, hospitals, schools.
Premium frozen pasta products in 5 kg boxes.
2. Juice Bars/Smoothies
10 litre Juice Bar range also includes low fat strawberry yoghurt, low fat mango yoghurt & a low fat plain yoghurt.
3. Contract packing