Dixie Cups

Dixie Cups

Where to get them...?

Our ever popular Dixie Cups are available in 100ml cups and come in several mouthwatering flavours.

In addition to our ice cream dixies, we also have a Strawberry yoghurt dixie in the range. With a luscious puree ripple swirling throughout, this dixie is the perfect low fat choice that’s better for you and is a delicious alternative to ice cream - perfect for school canteens, gyms or for those who just want something different. It has been assessed against the FOCiS nutrient criteria and approved for national and state registration.

Over the years we've had many calls from people who have tasted our Gluten Free Vanilla Dixies while in hospital & want to buy them once they get home. Our dixies are available direct to the public from our Everest Cafe here in Reservoir at

14 Plateau Road, Reservoir, VIC (phone 03 9495 4618 for the opening hours).

As for all of our interstate customers, simply send us an email for more information.