Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Everest Ice Cream Australia have been manufacturing ice cream products in Australia for over fifty years.

Norgen-Vaaz and Everest are two of the brands leading the premium end of the growing ice cream market due to their innovation, demand for quality and level of service.

To underpin, maintain and improve our business and values, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainability; our program is outcomes based, innovative and founded on the belief that we all have a responsibility to create and improve both the planet and the social environment.

We will commit to:

  • Work diligently to minimize our waste stream and conserve natural resources, particularly through energy, packaging and waste conservation
  • Improve resource efficiency and minimize environmental impacts of activities
  • Establish and report on key performance indicators
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and strive to follow best practice
  • Make environmental considerations an important aspect of decision making
  • Engage with our suppliers to improve the sustainability performance of supply
  • Develop and recognize employees to facilitate optimal performance, achieve career objectives and foster a high performance culture committed to sustainability

We are also members of the Australian Packaging Covenant which is a part of our committment and pursuit of smarter packaging, less waste and a cleaner environment.