Questions & Answers!

Want a lick? Our products are available in various ice creameries, cafes, restaurants all around Australia. Just keep an eye out for the Norgen-Vaaz logo.

Looking to add to your business? If you’d like to have Norgen-Vaaz ice cream sold at your business, why not give us a call and see what we can do for you?

A. Currently we have 45 Norgen-Vaaz ice cream flavours – 27 in our Premium Range and 18 in our Gourmet Range.

We also have 13 Everest Traditional Gelato flavours and 15 flavours in our gourmet Gelateria range so you have many options to choose from!

We very occasionally delete flavours but we’re always researching and trialling new flavours too, so keep an eye on the website for any new releases!

A. This is a very difficult question as we have so many great flavours but certainly one of our biggest sellers would have to be our Rock Salt Caramel – everyone who tries it, raves about it!

Rainbow is also another big seller as is our Chocolate Obsession and Vanilla Bean with Seed.

A. Ice cream contains around 10% milk fat and the mixture is homogenised and pasteurised then during freezing, water is rapidly converted to ice and air is incorporated into the mixture, which stops it from freezing into a big block of ice, thereby producing delicious, creamy ice cream.

Gelato is traditionally a milk based product too, however, it uses around 5.5% milk fat and less air incorporations which gives it a denser texture. Gelato is served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream to impart a warmer mouth feel.

A. Sorbet (also called water ice) has no dairy ingredients at all and is essentially a mixture of sugar and water together with some citric acid and either fruit juice or puree and sometimes colouring. Sorbets are frozen and generally include low levels of air incorporation.

Sorbet has a higher rate of fruit puree added than Gelato does, so you could say that it is a more natural product over Traditional Gelato and this delivers a far more natural fruit flavour.

A. Our Gelateria is an artisan, small batch, gourmet style gelato. It includes both dairy and non dairy products.

Artisan style gelato differs from standard gelato in that it is “hand made” on a small batch machine using high quality imported ingredients rather than on a continuous churn as is standard gelato and ice cream.

A. Yes we are proudly Australian and were established nearly 60 years ago back in 1958!

A. We do have a dairy free, 100ml Dixie cup that’s made using Coconut Milk and is lactose free and gluten free too.

A. We have a direct to the public cafe outlet at our manufacturing premises in Reservoir, Victoria, which is open from 7am – 3pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. You can buy our products from there, but please give them a call first on 9495 4618 to check on stock availability and pricing.

We also sell through many major distributors nationwide such as Bidvest Foodservice or PFD Food Services so you can contact them as well.

The Everest Café also does function catering - see their menu for more details!

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